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New Security Service Available for Alaska Marijuana Businesses

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Since marijuana businesses still can’t use the federal banking system, those operating in Alaska have beefed up security. These increased security measures will help prevent robberies and protect each businesses’ products and staff.

Alaska’s marijuana businesses will now have access to vaults and armored transport of products and funds, Security Info Watch says. Video monitoring services will also be available. Operating as an all cash industry is becoming safer for the marijuana industry in Alaska.

Valkyrie Security and Asset Protection will be providing these services.

CEO Larry Clark said, “I am all about legitimate businesses earning a living by the law. We want to eliminate any criminal element from taking (the cannabis industry) over. In a sense, we feel like we’re actually providing a public safety service.”

Clark is a former Texas police officer. He was also employed by the Alaska Office of Public Advocacy as an investigator. Every armed guard has undergone concealed carry weapon certification. They’ve also undergone special training from Alaska Tactical and Security, Inc.

He said, “We’re very careful about who we put behind a weapons system. All my guys are either prior law enforcement or prior military. I want to know what your fight or flight response is going to be. I don’t want to find out in the heat of a battle that you’re going to run.”

There are also hidden underground vaults that are kept secret to only the depositor and the transporter to keep cash safe. These vaults are monitored 24-hours a day with armed guards.

The majority of Alaska’s marijuana businesses are expected to obtain contracted services from Valkyrie Security and Asset Protection. Having these services available is a sigh of relief for an industry that works hard to follow rules and just wants access to the federal banking system like any other business.