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Anchorage Considers On-Site Marijuana Inhalation at Dispensaries

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The City of Anchorage already has a smoking ban in place. But city leaders now want to legalize on-site inhalation of marijuana products. This poses a bit of a conflict. The on-site inhalation would only be at licensed retailers.

The new ordinance is expected to be on 2020 ballots, KTUU 2 News says. Some residents aren’t happy. Co-sponsor of the ordinance, Forrest Dunbar says that the new ordinance won’t have any impact on the existing tobacco smoking ban.

Dunbar said, “I’ve already received several panic emails that the assembly is overturning the smoking ban. Which, of course, is absolutely not the case with this.”

He also said, “This relates only to free-standing marijuana retail stores that can create a ventilated space, or an outdoor space, if they can find a way to comply with the odor ordinance.”

A public hearing is scheduled for September 10 to discuss the ordinance. City leaders have until January 2020 to file their ordinance to have it included on the 2020 ballots. A Joint Health Policy and Public Safety Committee meeting is scheduled for September 20 regarding the on-site inhalation ordinance and one more work session will be held after that.