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Anchorage Dispensaries See Sales Increase During Crisis

Marijuana Coronavirus

In Anchorage, marijuana retailers have seen quite a spike in sales due to the coronavirus crisis. Retailers are reporting increases in sales and customers are purchasing larger quantities. Some marijuana retailers are adjusting store hours and business practices to maintain safe environments for staff and customers.

It’s unknown whether adult use marijuana stores will be able to remain open in Alaska, Anchorage Daily News reports. Some marijuana businesses have had to do away with daily deals to maintain supply. Staff is also being reduced to practice social distancing and maintain a safe environment.

At Raspberry Roots, they are permitting 3 customers on the sales floor and 3 in the waiting area at a time. Other customers must check in and wait outside until another customer has completed their purchase. Text messages are being sent to the waiting customers as they’re able to enter the building again.

Kim Kole of Raspberry Roots said, “We would have 25 people stacked in this waiting room. While I know we are taking a hit financially, we want to lead the industry in what is most appropriate for the health of Anchorage and Alaska.”

Raspberry Roots is also practicing hourly sanitization practices. All doors and surfaces are sanitized every hour.

Uncle Herbs has measured 6-foot distances and has placed tape on the floor for customers to stand on. They are only allowing 5 customers in their location at a time, according to owner Lloyd Stiassny.

Stiassny said, “We’re just going to keep doing our best, and hopefully we can stay open. Too much disruption all at once to a community isn’t good.”

If Alaska officials order the closure of adult use marijuana stores, dispensaries will comply. The state could follow others in deeming medical marijuana dispensaries as essential services and may allow them to remain in operation.