Saturday , April 1 2023
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New Marijuana Dispensary Is Opening in Dillingham


Bristol Bay Bud Company has opened its doors in Dillingham. It was an uphill battle to obtain the necessary approvals and permits to open. At first, the four-owner business was just going to be a cultivation group.

Upon realizing that there wasn’t a recreational marijuana store in Dillingham, the group decided to open a store, KDLG Radio reported.  Their journey to open the retail store took 2 ½ years to complete. The store will offer a variety of marijuana products.

Co-owner Gordon Isaac said, “Richard and Heather were talking about starting a legal grow facility in the valley. We kind of decided to get into that with them, mostly as financial partners. Shortly thereafter, we started talking about there’s no store in Dillingham, maybe we should do a store in Dillingham.”

For now, customers pay a 6% sales tax on marijuana purchases. Some business owners believe it will be increased to match the state’s 10% tobacco and alcohol sales tax.

Regarding Alaska’s strict regulatory structure, Heather Allen said, “We literally follow every bit of cannabis. From the point of it becoming a viable clone, which happens at 8 inches, all the way to the jar of weed that we sell out of in the store… They track every single crumb.”

The new retail marijuana store will bring a much-needed revenue to the area.