Monday , October 2 2023
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Retail Marijuana Dispensary Approved to Open in Kodiak

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High Rise has received approval from the Kodiak City Council to be a retail dispensary. Reassurance from ownership that the dispensary would be locally owned and operated helped them get approval.

After just 30 minutes of discussion, the council decided to complete a letter of non-objections, with a few conditions, according to Alaska Public Media.

Owner Jack Schactler said, “We will create multiple new jobs for the people of Kodiak, as well as tax income for the city. As marijuana advocates, we are excited to provide this new retail service to the people of Kodiak in the most professional way possible.”

Regarding the City Council’s decision, Councilman Randall Bishop said, “We are definitely not opponents of edibles. Just to clarify, I believe we decided to, maybe in a year, take a look at it and just take that conservative approach for the community to feel safe towards our youth and whatnot as this is a new industry prospering in our community. With everything that is new comes a lot of unknown variables that will get figured out.”

Schactler isn’t upset about the “conditions” set for the retail dispensary. He said, “It’s more of a conservative approach, which is fine. We just need to show everyone that marijuana is just a normal business. This is strictly business, this is not anything different than the liquor store down the street.”

There are a few more steps for High Rise LLC to take before it can open its doors, such as a Borough Assembly hearing on April 18, a state hearing and a final inspection.