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Concern Surrounds Alaska’s New Marijuana Control Board Appointee

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Many aren’t thrilled about the appointment of Vivian Stiver to the Alaska Marijuana Control Board. Some view her as against marijuana and others just aren’t sure yet. She is replacing Brandon Emmett.

Governor Mike Dunleavy replaced Emmett with Stiver to represent the “public” on the board, Web Center 11 News reports. It’s thought that Stiver might try to make marijuana illegal again given her previous push to ban sales in Fairbanks. Stiver defended herself by saying she just wanted the city to wait two years to allow it time to prepare for its new industry.

Stiver says she’s not against marijuana and that her intent is not to make it illegal again.

Many are still skeptical.

Stiver said, “What the voters voted for was for it to be legal. There is nothing this board seat could do to change that, nor am I intending to change that.”

She indicated that her focus will be on education.

She said, “To be more involved with industry members, understand how they operate, what are the regulations now, how are they working now? I think that’s paramount. The flip side is that the public should understand so that they don’t have this fear factor right, and that’s important. So it goes both ways, process and education goes both ways.”

Emmett said, “I’m definitely going to be very active as president of the Alaska Marijuana Industry Association and continue to work with those individuals in Juneau who support a healthy marijuana industry and hopefully make positive change through activism.”

Stiver will take over when Emmett’s term on the board ends on February 28, but her confirmation must take place before she officially takes the seat.