Sunday , February 5 2023
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Bethel Marijuana Dispensary Opening Soon


ALASKAbuds dispensary is about to open in Bethel. A meeting with the Bethel Planning Commission is planned for January 10. The owner, Nick Miller will learn whether the commission gives approves a conditional use permit or not.

It took ALASKAbuds a bit to sign a lease for its location in Bethel, but furniture is already on its way, KYUK Public Media says. The only thing the shop needs to do is get its final paperwork in order so that it can receive the necessary approvals to open. The shop will be located on Third Avenue in central Bethel.

Miller said, “I do have to find someone to actually put them together, but we shipped everything on the last barge. I’m anticipating we’ll be open before the river opens up again. I’m holding out hope that I’ll make the February Marijuana Control Board meeting, and if I do we will open in March. And if we don’t, I’ll just have to figure out how many applications are in front of me and I’ll have to make the next meeting.”

The marijuana retailer will have 8 job openings to start with. They’ll expand from there. Applications are being accepted on the company’s website for those that are interested in employment.