Friday , August 12 2022
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Fairbanks Considers Adding New Dispensary Regulations


The City of Fairbanks is considering placing a limit on the number of retail marijuana establishments that can operate within city limits. City officials are also considering onsite consumption bans. These two ordinances are up for a second reading.

A public comment period is expected for public opinion regarding the issues, according to News Miner. The proposed cap on retail marijuana establishments is 12. A vote on the two issues is expected in the near future.

If onsite consumption is banned in Fairbanks, it will remain banned regardless of what the state decides regarding statewide onsite consumption.

Regarding the cap, Mayor Jim Matherly said, “There’s no magic formula for the number 12, at all, I just threw that number there knowing we’d be discussing it.”

Five retailers are in operation and four are awaiting license approval. A tenth potential retailer has an appeal regarding the decision on their application pending. Another ten applications are also pending.

City Clerk Danyielle Sinders assumes that even with additional retailer license applications pending, that if the limit of 12 is accepted, they won’t be permitted to move further with the application process.

Snider said, “The council hasn’t really addressed it yet.”

The council will discuss two drafts of the ordinance. Part of the ordinance is also working to create appropriate buffer zones making some 1,500-feet and another proposes a 750-foot buffer.

The newly proposed codes establish regulations for marijuana-related businesses along with guidelines regarding protesting license applications when laws or regulations are violated.