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Alaska’s Most Popular Medical Marijuana Strains of 2017


Every legal marijuana market has strains that are more popular than others. The same rings true in Alaska. Some of the most popular strains in the country are Blue Dream and Girl Scout Cookies.

In Alaska, some state-specific strains are sought more than others, Civilized reports. Six strains get more attention in the state than commonly known strains.

Alaska’s 6 most popular marijuana strains:

  • White Widow – This strong sativa is found in other marijuana markets throughout the country. It an earthy strain that produces a lot of resin. It’s a hybrid, often 50/50, that uplifts the mind, increases creativity and may bring some energy your way. It’s a popular strain for stress reduction and combatting depression
  • Northern Lights – This is another nationally popular strain. Northern Lights is an indica that helps relax the mind and entire body. It’s ideal for pain, muscle pain, insomnia, depression and stress.
  • Alaska – a namesake to the Alaska marijuana industry has multiple medicinal uses including pain, gastrointestinal disorders, inflammation, nausea and insomnia. Alaska is a sativa that may also help relieve eye pressure.
  • Matanuska Thunder F*ck – You might be able to find this strain in other markets like Arizona and Nevada labeled as Alaskan Thunder F*ck or ATF, but it isn’t everywhere in the U.S. It’s an earthy sativa with sweet notes of fruit in the background. It’s a creeper – meaning its effects creep up slowly over a little bit of time – that will definitely give you “the munchies”. It happily melts away stress, depression and works well for minor pain.
  • Manitoba Poison – This strain is a 50/50 to slightly indica-dominant hybrid. It’s an ideal strain if you or your body needs to relax and improve your mood at the same time. If you’re too high strung before bed, this may lend a hand to you falling asleep. It’s also good for pain and stress
  • Alaskan Ice – This strain is a Haze and White Widow love child. It has moderate levels of CBD and is similar to Moby Dick. It’s a heavy hitter that may leave your head in the clouds for a bit, so evening use is suggested. Those with depression, stress and significant pain may benefit from this strain.

These marijuana strains are available at many Alaskan dispensaries.