Sunday , February 5 2023
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Jeneau’s Third Recreational Dispensary Will Be Unique

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Green Elephant is going to be more than a typical recreational marijuana retail shop. In the near future, glassblowing and edibles will be added to the Juneau store. Additional entertainment features for visitors are also planned.

Green Elephant, co-owned by Jennifer Canfield, is already receiving positive feedback on the business’s setup, according to Juneau Empire. The retail shop is located near the Rock Dump district in a large warehouse.

Canfield said, “It’s enormous. Everybody keeps telling use there’s nothing else like it, and I believe it, because it’s still a young industry, but that doesn’t say anything about us. We got super lucky in finding this place, and we’re making the best of it.”

It wasn’t hugely publicized, but the Green Elephant did recently open as one strain and Mo Mo’s Bakery edibles were available.

Until more products are approved for distribution, customers can purchase items such as pipes, rolling papers and other accessories along with the available strains and edibles.