Friday , August 12 2022
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New Advertising Rules for Marijuana Businesses Coming

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The Alaska Alcohol and Marijuana Control Office (AAMCO) will be determining advertising restrictions for marijuana businesses in the state. The state requires alcohol advertisers to include warnings, and warnings will also be needed to be included with marijuana advertisements. This comes after business owner James Hoelscher wanted to put his business’ logo on a hotel key card.

The AAMCO wasn’t able to provide Mr. Hoelscher with a proper answer, according to Questions are also stirring regarding the sales of business logo containing merchandise sold at dispensaries.

The current regulation in place regarding marijuana advertising is that it cannot look appealing to anyone under age 21. The ads must also contain truthful information and cannot make medical claims of having curing abilities. Advertisements are also prohibited from promoting or condoning excessive marijuana consumption.

Co-owner of Pakalolo Supply Co., Keenan Hollister said, “I’ve been super, super cautious about it all, because I do know that the regulations are kind of vague on what I can do and what I can’t do. It’s kind of touchy, and I don’t want to be the first one to make waves.”

Many of the currently operating marijuana businesses in Alaska are keeping their advertisements minimal – mostly because they just don’t know exactly what is and isn’t allowed. Updates to the marijuana advertising regulations in Alaska should be coming within the next few months.