Tuesday , May 26 2020
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Anchorage’s First Recreational Marijuana Dispensary Opens

Arctic Herbery Dispensary

Arctic Herbery, Anchorage’s first recreational marijuana dispensary, will open its doors at noon today. A shuttle bus service will be available to help customers get to the store, as long lines are expected.

Residents should be patient as state law only allows 8 people inside the establishment at a time (employees included), according to The Washington Post.  The line to enter Arctic Herbery is expected to start far before the noon opening. The line may move a little slow as it will be the first time patrons are visiting the retail shop and it may take a few extra minutes to soak everything in and choose the right products.

Alaska has other dispensaries open, but Arctic Herbery is the first to open in the state’s largest city. Patrons should dress warm and be prepared to wait outside until it is their turn to enter the dispensary.

Photo: Loren Holmes / Alaska Dispatch News