Saturday , July 2 2022
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Alaska’s First Marijuana Testing Lab Opens, Dispensaries to Follow

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This week, Alaska’s first marijuana laboratory opened in Anchorage. Private cultivators and retail dispensaries can both use the services provided by CannTest to ensure that their marijuana meets the standards and qualifications set forth by Alaska lawmakers.

It is expected that some retail dispensaries could open by week’s end, or next week, according to  An outside reviewer had to provide an assessment regarding CannTest’s facility prior to the authorization to open being granted.

CEO of CannTest, Mark Malagodi, said, “Customers definitely want to know what they’re getting. They have to know, themselves, the kind of experience they want, what is it they’re going to be using.”

All marijuana flower, concentrates, and edibles must be tested. The tests performed will detect E. coli, aspergillus (type of mold) and more. If any marijuana is tested as being hazardous to health, it will not be permitted to be distributed for sale.

Malagodi said that mold is “pretty dangerous for anyone who has a weakened respiratory system.”

CannTest says that they expect the entire testing process to take just 72 hours.