Monday , January 17 2022
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Juneau’s Second Marijuana Dispensary Opening Soon

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Paul Disdier, owner of Fireweed Factory, is hoping to open a retail space in Juneau soon. This would be Juneau’s second retail marijuana shop. He was the first to obtain a conditional use permit, allowing him to cultivate.

Disdier’s retail space is secured and ready to go, according to US News. He’s had a bit of difficulty in his grow operation, but despite those challenges, he hopes to cross all hurdles thrown his way with ease. He recently suffered a loss of plants due to a grow error.

In response to the grow error, Disdier said, “These plants are really finicky to grow. You’d think they were just a weed and you put the seeds out and they pop up and grow like crazy, but they’re so hybrid now that they’re tricky to grow.”

So far, Disdier has undergone the review, paperwork, interview and inspections processes that the state requires for business license approval. Disdier has to find a marijuana testing lab that he can submit his products to before they can be sold in a retail shop. The only testing facility available to him right now is in Anchorage. He’s also facing banking challenges, along with much of the rest of the industry.

While he has some financial investments to make such as more LED lights and an additional heat lamp, Disdier is quite optimistic that the doors of his retail location will open soon.

He said, “You’ve got to take one step at a time. We’ve been at this for a year now, with all the money going out and nothing coming in.”