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The Hunt for Alaska’s Most Legendary Marijuana Strain

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There’s a legendary marijuana strain in Alaska, and one medical marijuana patient in the state is determined to find it. The patient, Roger Cobb, will know it by sight and smell. It’s the highly coveted Matanuska Thunder F@*k (MTF) strain, and hes searching high and low for it.

Cobb’s first experience with MTF was in 1989, according to He remembers his first experience with the strain being in British Columbia, Canada. The strain’s potency has never left his mind.

Regarding its strength, Cobb said, while laughing that, “I took three puffs and walked right into a telephone pole.”

Medical marijuana grower Ron Bass needs Cobb’s help in identifying the strain so that it can be grown for patients regularly, and be properly named. Locating the strain would give Bass an advantage in Alaska’s recreational marijuana market.

The good news is, due to the help of Mr. Cobb, the infamous MTF has been found. The earliest reference of MTF was in a High Times magazine issue from 1974, so MTF has been around since at least the 1970s. At one point, it was the highest-priced marijuana in Alaska, selling for $70 an ounce.

Some of the characteristics of MTF are:

  • Large buds – averaging the size of a malamute dog’s paw
  • Slow burning
  • Even burn
  • Strong genes
  • Smooth flavor
  • Super heavy hitter

In the mid-1970s this was a highly sought after strain. The original grower was busted. Some believe that growing the strain went underground and others claim that it disappeared the day the original grower was busted.

Some, like grower Justin Roland, aren’t sure if the real MTF strain has been found and worry that those who know what it is, how it makes them feel and what it should taste like may not be around if and when it is definitely found.

Roland said, “Now, here’s the problem. If it takes me another 10 years to find it, and these older generations aren’t here to test it, then I will have no way to verify.”