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Alaska Attorney General Declares Marijuana Social Clubs Illegal

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Alaska’s Attorney General, Jahna Lindermuth, has decided that unlicensed marijuana social clubs are illegal. A 14-page document was submitted to the commissioner of the Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development, Chris Hladick, regarding the decision.

Social clubs opened in Anchorage after the passing of legalized recreational marijuana in Alaska in 2014, reports. Some of these clubs shut down shortly after. Generally, the clubs charge a membership fee which grants access to a marijuana consumption area. Members had to furnish their own marijuana. Samples were sometimes made available.

Attorney General Lindermuth simply said, “The answer is no,” when asked if marijuana clubs were legal. Lindermuth went on to say, “If that place is not a licensed retail marijuana store, consuming marijuana there is unlawful.”

Clubs possessing more than a single ounce of marijuana break personal-use laws and would be considered to have unlawful possession. Transferring marijuana for payment, given that these clubs charged a fee, is also a crime.

Regarding the decision, Haywood said it “changes public opinion more than anything else. We’re really tired of fighting.”

If found guilty of public consumption of marijuana, offenders are charged a $100 fine.